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MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast – This week, it’s part 2 of the Silurian epic “Cold Blood” – John & Will talk about how much we did (or did not) enjoy the 2-parter as well as repercussions of events in the episode.  It’s an hour of Doctor Who talk and speculation – check it out!

Cold Blood Podcast

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MUTTER’S SPIRAL podcast – we devour “The Hungry Earth” – we drill down on episode 8, including talk of Hot Silurians, under-funded Welsh drilling operations, the longest 12 minutes ever and a mistake that the Doctor would never make.  It’s 55 minutes of Doctor Who analysis, talk and dissection from John & Will.  Come listen!

Hungry Earth Podcast

This episode did the lowest viewing figures since 2006 for the series, only 4.5 million viewers in the overnight figures, due in great part to a beautiful weather weekend in the UK (as the share was the customary 30+).  It will be interesting to see if the time-shift figures increase more substantially than usual due to this.

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MUTTER’S SPIRAL takes on “Amy’s Choice”!  Did Amy choose right?  Why did this episode conjur up memories of the Colin Baker era?  Can we do a podcast that lasts less than an hour 2 weeks in a row? (Hint on #3 – the answer is NO).  Take a listen and find out!

Amy’s Choice Podcast

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The MUTTER’S SPIRAL podcast for “The Vampires of Venice” is now posted and ready for your aural enjoyment!  John and Will talk about Vampire Girls,  Saturnynes, wedding cakes (AGAIN) and everything else related to Series 5, Episode 6 of DOCTOR WHO.  Come on in, take a listen and tell us what YOU think as well!

Vampires of Venice Podcast

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Flesh and Stone Podcast up!

The podcast for “Flesh and Stone”, episode 5 of Series 5, is now available!  It’s a long one (1:22), as we talk about F&S, series arcs, “and” vs. “in”, and all other things timey-wimey!  Come take a listen to see if we liked it as much as “The Time of Angels”.

Flesh & Stone Podcast

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“Flesh & Stone” podcast coming in a couple of hours!


We’re back with another MUTTERS SPIRAL podcast – this time discussing ep 4: “The Time of Angels” – the return of the WEEPING ANGELS & River Song to the show.  Part 1 of a 2-parter from Steven Moffat himself!  Do we like it more than VotD (well, we’d have to, right?)?  Listen for yourself and find out!!

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Dalek Podcast up

The podcast for episode 3, “Victory of the Daleks” is now ready!  Did we like it as much as the first 2 episodes?  Listen and find out!  If you do listen, please leave us a comment, so we know who’s out there.  We’d love to hear from you.  Thanks for listening!

UK ratings seem to be holding steady in the 6.5-7 million overnight, 8+ million overall with timeshifting.  I’m still trying to find American ratings for “The Beast Below”.  “Victory of the Daleks” is currently #2 at iTunes US.

Next up in the US is the return of the Weeping Angels – “The Time of Angels”… should be great!