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Mutter’s Spiral Podcast is back as John and Will talk about “The Big Bang”, the series 5 finale.  Did we enjoy the finale?  Were all of our questions answered?  Were we right about any of our speculation?  Will we be wearing fezzes in our daily life?  Tune in and find out!

Big Bang Podcast

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We WILL be back with new podcasts during the “off-season”.  Next week will be our big season-ending overview, and we will even have some guests in weeks to come!

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Ancient Britain has a new hotspot as the PANDORICA OPENS, and John and Will are there to discuss it and speculate about the happenings of the episode and the forthcoming BIG BANG.  Find out if we liked the episode, and where we think everything is going.  Also, can John finally stump Will on Classic Doctor trivia?  Listen and find out!

The Pandorica Opens Podcast

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It’s time for another Mutter’s Spiral podcast – John & Will talk about Episode 11 – “The Lodger”.  Find out what we thought of the episode; hear them speculate about the finale (and discuss the trailer for “The Pandorica Opens”); and see if John can stump Will with his trivia questions (AS IF).  It’s a fun- and even football-filled podcast about a fun and charming episode.  Come listen!

The Lodger Podcast

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It’s time for another MUTTER’S SPIRAL podcast – this time on the glorious episode “Vincent and the Doctor” – John & Will talk about the episode and their love for it and even add in some Who-niverse news and TRIVIA!  It’s an hour-long celebration of our favorite episode of the season.  Come listen!

Vincent and the Doctor Podcast

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