MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast returns after a long absence talk about the final 2 stories of the initial series of SHERLOCK – “The Blind Banker” & “The Great Game”!  Join John & Will in an extra-long episode (even by their standards) as they discuss the 2 stories, which they prefer and provide an overview of the truncated first season.   Much love will be sent Mark Gatiss’s way, especially, for his script for “The Great Game”.   There’s also Doctor Who news as well as some Sherlock-based trivia.  Come take a listen!


SHERLOCK podcast on “The Blind Banker” & “The Great Game”


Coming soon – Podcast on The Sarah Jane Adventures story “The Death of the Doctor” as well as the Library 2-parter from Season 4.  Plus… Christmas is JUST around the corner!

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