It’s Christmas, and the Doctor’s BACK!  And if the Doctor is back, then so is MUTTER’S SPIRAL with a podcast talking all about “A Christmas Carol”.  Will & John talk about the episode; cover some Torchwood casting news from the past couple of months; and John haunts Will with the “Twelve Days of Christmas” trivia (plus one).  Come take a listen!

A Christmas Carol Podcast

So, we obviously didn’t get to the SJA story “The Death of the Doctor” yet, nor did we do a Library 2-parter pod.  But we’re back now, and we will hopefully get to those in the next weeks as we get closer to Series 6 (or Season 32)!

NEXT, though, is a classic Doctor Who story – “The Horror of Fang Rock” – John’s never seen it, so we’ll both be watching and back next week to discuss!  Also coming soon is our preview of the 2011 LA Doctor Who Convention – Gallifrey 22 !


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