Matt Smith’s leaving Doctor Who, and Mutter’s Spiral Podcast is awash in speculation, wishcasting and left-field scenarios for the Fall of the Eleventh and the subsequent regeneration into the TWELFTH.  Will has several out-of-the-box ideas, starting with JENNA4DOCTOR12 – Jenna Coleman becomes the 12th Doctor.  He continues with 2 variations of a TENNANT SCENARIO that would lead to the return of David Tennant to the TARDIS.

John then leads us through the various contenders mentioned in the press, and he very cogently and smartly sums up what is needed in the next Doctor.  After he details the names everyone’s saying, he then comes through with two GREAT “out there” ideas, including one so diabolical that it’s worthy of Steven Moffat himself.
You’ll have to listen all the way through to hear them – in all, it’s an hour of Doctor Who chat and speculation.  Take a listen and also – tell us what YOU think!  Who’s your choice for the next Doctor?

12 Doctor Speculation Podcast 55

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