HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY DOCTOR WHO!  The Doctor turns 50, and ALL hands are on deck for the smashing 50th celebration episode, “The Day of the Doctor”!  John & Will make a long-overdue return to discuss this 75 minute bundle of glory and joy (Spoiler Alert: We LOVED it)!  We talk all about the episode, all of the Doctors (old and new) and even add in some discussion of “Night of the Doctor”.  Future podcasts will cover “An Adventure in Space & Time” & “The Five(ish) Doctors – REBOOT” specials.  For now, it’s the main course: Smith, Tennant, Hurt, Jenna, Billie, and a few added surprises!  There’s also trivia, of course!  Please take a listen!  NOTE: IT’s a long one, over 2 hours – but that’s because there’s just so much awesomeness to discuss!

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