The DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary celebration continues on the Mutter’s Spiral Podcast!  This time, John & Will tackle Mark Gatiss’s sublime “An Adventure in Space & Time” as well as Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann & a cast of thousands (Smith!  Tennant! Coleman!  Moffat! Georgia Tennant! BARROWMAN!) in the delightful confection “The Five-ish Doctors: Reboot”.  Tears and laughs abound as we discuss what we enjoyed AND learned from both of these anniversary “gifts” to fans.  We’ll also cover some other Who-related media (Brian Cox special, BBC 3 after party) and Sherlock news, and there’s of course trivia – even questions going in both directions this week!  Please take a listen!

Adventure/5ish Podcast  All links up and working!

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