2 weeks and one nasty case of the BPP later, MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast is finally back to talk about the 2014 Gallifrey One – the 25th annual extravaganza!  John (once again healthy) and Will discuss cosplaying for the first time, all of the great friends they spent time with and the various great moments of this year’s GALLY!  We’ll talk about all of it!

Plus, as an added, first-time ever bonus – a 3rd voice!  Our friend Mette, who was instrumental in inspiring us to dress up and then crucial in helping us make our costumes actually look good, joins us for some ON LOCATION, in room costuming prep and discussion.

Hopefully, it’s “adorably giddy” (H/t to Deborah Stanish of VERITY!)!  Please take a listen!

2014 Gallifrey One Recap Podcast

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