It’s almost time for GALLIFREY ONE – the 26th (like the show!) edition of the premier Doctor Who US fan gathering, and MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast is here to preview the entire weekend and, well, just squee giddily for 45 minutes!

We’ll talk about the various panels and guests we’re excited to see, AND, we’ll tell you about the many great FAN panels, including one that will include JOHN himself (Doctor Who – Remember When? – Sunday, 10 AM, Program D).  Of course, there’s another John (BARROWMAN!) there on the weekend (and up against our John, no less!) as well as the wondrous and amazing ALEX KINGSTON.  SO – Captain Jack AND River Song – plus, tons of other guests both Doctor Who (20th & 21st century) and Torchwood (including Eve Myles, Naoko Mori AND Burn Gorman!) and even other areas of entertainment!

Also, we’ll talk about the fan panels that include John as well as Kim & Sage of, former guests on the show, and lots of our other friends.

We’ll also give an overview for those who are going to their first Gally One; wax rhapsodically about the food at Champions Sports Bar (Fish & Chips, please); and just have warm feelings about going back “home” for the weekend.  Plus, we’ll give tips on finding us at Gally One – there’s a free beverage in it for you!

Please take a listen – and, also, please humbly and gratefully accept our thanks for downloading and listening.  It’s our pleasure to bring this to you.

Gallifrey One 2015 Preview Podcast

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