ZYGONS, ZYGONS EVERYWHERE!  Mutter’s Spiral Podcast is back talking about “The Zygon Invasion”, episode 7 of Series 9 of DOCTOR WHO (and, yes, part 1 of 2)!  It’s a shorter podcast, since it’s half of a very plot-heavy story from Peter Harness.  We don’t talk plot much, as that’s left to unravel in part 2, but we do talk about the political parallels between this story and “real life” as well as a lot of elements that did NOT work for me (Will) – I’m full of disdain.  John enjoyed the story more, but he was not comfortable with the political messages raining down upon the viewers, either.  We’re both hoping that part 2 really brings the story home in a successful way, so we decided to wait until next week for a more full discussion of the story.

It’s interesting listening (we hope), but it’s not as positive and sunny as our usual podcasts.  Of course, there’s also TRIVIA!

The Zygon Invasion Podcast

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