We’ve hit triple digits!  It’s podcast #100 on MUTTER’S SPIRAL!  We’re back to talk about “The Zygon Inversion” – did it overcome issues & problems with part 1?  Are we filled with happiness and relief?  HOW GOOD WAS CAPALDI AND THAT SPEECH?  What’s next for Clara?  Lots of questions, and we’ve got answers, all in podcast form!  Plus, there’s TRIVIA, as always!

AND, what special thing did we do for our 100th?  (Nothing – come on, you know it, it’s a miracle the podcast was properly recorded the first time).  But, seriously, we have a blast doing this, and we thank EVERYONE who listens!!  It’s our pleasure to do this, and we hope it has been enjoyable for you to listen to.

Here’s to the NEXT 100!

The Zygon Inversion Podcast

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