MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast is back to talk about the SUBLIME, AMAZING, FANTASTIC episode of DOCTOR WHO, “Heaven Sent” – written by Steven Moffat & Directed by Rachel Talalay!

This is simply an episode we both loved – we’ll break down what worked, why it did, the challenges involved, and what this means for the upcoming season finale.  We’ll GUSH A LOT over how great Capaldi, Moffat, Talalay are and what an accomplishment this episode is.  Basically, it’s a love-fest… and a well-earned one!

There’s no trivia this week, as we wanted to get right to talking about the episode, although we do hit on some news tidbits, including the title of the Christmas episode!

Please have a listen, won’t you?  Thanks!

The Heaven Sent Podcast

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