The DOCTOR is finally back!  “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” brings the Doctor back after a one-year absence, and John and I are itching to talk about it!  How did we find this year’s special?  How did this story fit in with the Doctor’s recent, sadder history?  Is he still reeling from the final night with River?  And Nardole is with him?  What did we think of Grant/Ghost & Lucy?  Take a listen and find out!

Also, we’ll discuss the final episode of “Power of the Daleks”!  How did the story wrap up?  Was it even darker than we expected?  This story made each of us re-evaluate the Daleks; take a listen to find out how our perspectives have changed over the quintessential Doctor Who villains/monsters!

Plus, FINALLY, TRIVIA RETURNS!  We had a blast recording this, and we hope you enjoy bending your ear our way!

The Return of Doctor Mysterio Podcast – 116

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