Corneal abrasions!  Lingering colds!  Microphone issues!  Travel Delays!  And that’s just for the podcasters! Also, THE EAST WIND!  MUSGRAVE!  And, perhaps, our last adventure with Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (for now and for this incarnation)!  It’s all there as MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast tackles “The Final Problem”, the final episode of SHERLOCK’S (FINAL?) season!

This episode generates some strong opinions from us, and we don’t view everything as positively as at other times!  However, as always, Sherlock episodes make for great fodder for discussion.  We talk about the story and about how it fits into the overall narrative of the series, and how it affects everything we’ve seen previously.  We’ll contemplate what worked for us, as well as what didn’t.

Plus, there’s some trivia, and even some REVERSE TRIVIA about the sneaky cameo in the final moments (“Struggle after Struggle, year after year”)!  Please take a listen!


(technical note: due to the aforementioned microphone issues, the sound is a little wonky, but still listenable)

Sherlock – “The Final Problem” Podcast

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