IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME…. OF THE YEAR!  That’s right, it’s February – time for another GALLIFREY ONE Doctor Who Convention (the 28th!), so this must be our annual preview episode with our great friends Sage Young and Kim Rogers of !  We’ll discuss what everyone is doing (panels, cosplay, etc) at this year’s Gally, as well as the other people, places, and things that we’re looking forward to!  Also, John and I will do a little intro about Gally in general for any listener who is going for the first time.  It’s a quick listen, just enough to get your juices flowing for the convention (HA – as if we aren’t all amped up to 11 (or TWELVE) already! )

ALSO, keep your eye on our main Libsyn page all weekend (as well as our Twitter feeds) for links to our podcasts from the convention!

GALLY 1 2017 Preview Podcast

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