We’re back to the “real world” from a DELIGHTFUL GALLIFREY ONE Doctor Who Convention (the 28th!), and we’re continuing recapping the con and keeping that GALLYLOVE vibe going with our great friends Sage Young and Kim Rogers of HeadOverFeels.com !  We’ll focus on their throughts on this year’s shindig and specifically their participation in panels, podcasts, games, cosplay, etc!  Kim talks about her participation in Paul Cornell’s “Would I Lie To You” game and her triumphant stint during “In Defense of…” PLUS her turn as the maniacally cruel BBC America executive during the live REALITY BOMB Podcast!  Sage was dropping knowledge all weekend – she did a great mini-panel during REALITY BOMB as well as excelling on the Chibnall Era Transition and Class Is Now in Session panels!  They’ll tell us about the fantastic PUNK COMPANIONS cosplay that they and many of their friends did, too (it was AMAZING)!

ALSO, check our main Libsyn page for the mini-podcasts from the weekend, including ones with Felicity Kusinitz and Deb Stanish of Verity!


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