MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast returns with a fun and thought-provoking deep dive into various DOCTOR WHO topics with our good friend Kathleen Schowalter!  She’s a brilliant PhD, she’s a super analytical and thoughtful WHO fan, and she’s a delight to talk to!  We talk about her WHO “origin story”, including: her initial fear of Tom Baker and how her feelings towards him have changed since she got back into WHO fandom in adulthood.  We also talk more about how Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” pertains to Doctor Who and the companions, building from the fascinating panel that she excelled on at Gallifrey One, as well as just which WHO story she feels is the BEST example of that in the WHO canon.  We dive into favorite episodes, both classic and new, and she turns the tables on us with some thoughtful questions to John and me about our likes and dislikes in WHO.

We also discuss the news of the return of the ORIGINAL Mondassian Cybermen to Series 10 for the first time in over 50 years since “The Tenth Planet” and how we all feel about their return (spoiler alert, we are almost as excited as Peter Capaldi – LOTS).  We discuss the news of British Bookmakers shutting down wagering on the next Doctor after lots of money came in on Kris Marshall, and Kathleen and John help me figure out just who that is!  We discuss what we think Chris Chibnall’s WHO might look like as well.

It’s a really enjoyable and engrossing conversation to have participated in, and we hope listening to it is as pleasurable as recording it was!   We’re already looking forward to having Kathleen back on the show.  Listen and find out why!

Talking WHO with Kathleen Schowalter Podcast

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