MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast returns to discuss “Smile” 😀 (by Frank Cottrell Boyce), episode 2 of Series 10 of DOCTOR WHO.  John and I talk about Bill’s first “official” trip in the TARDIS, and how her first off-world adventure compares to other “first trips” in the modern era (echoes of Rose, Amy, Clara) and what that could portend for the Doctor-Bill relationship as well as the rest of this series.  We will go over the plot, noting similarities to many other works, both inside of DOCTOR WHO and outside, and give opinions on how well the story worked for us.

We will also talk Ratings and the New Doctor Rumor Mill, and there’s some excellent trivia this week – I’m forced to use “Eagles Math” to get my score over 50%!

Have a listen, won’t you?  🎤🎧

Smile Podcast

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