MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast is back, and we’re discussing the mind-bending new DOCTOR WHO Episode “Extremis”, written by Steven Moffat & directed by Daniel Nettheim (S 10 Ep 06).  We will dive into the episode and look at it from every angle we can – both the flashbacks with Missy & Nardole (proxy for River) as well as the main thread of the story with Bill, Nardole, the Pope, Cardinal Angelo, CERN, et al.  We pick at the details that tripped us up, potentially, and John gives me a great solution for one of the main troubles I had!  We puzzle over how we’d react if we were in such a situation, as well.  There’s also of course trivia (and a puntastic opening). Plus…

We have new theme music!  It’s a track called “Ecstasy” from Purple Planet:


Check out their site, lots of cool stuff!

Have a listen, won’t you!

PS – Sorry for the lateness this week – a cold got John!  He’s all better now.

Extremis Podcast

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