MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast 133 – “Empress of Mars”

MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast this week talks all about “Empress of Mars”, Series 10, Episode 9 written by Mark Gatiss, a delightful homage to Classic Doctor Who.  The story has Ice Warriors, Victorian Soldiers on Mars, and even a cameo by Alpha Centauri herself!  Plus, some interesting Missy interaction to discuss and ponder what it could mean for the rest of the season.  Plus, there’s trivia (including a failure on my part that still has me marinating in shame) and news.

NOTE/CORRECTION on the NEWS bit – we talk about Russell T Davies giving a quote about the next Doctor.  I got the quote wrong on the podcast – I read it as “I know who HE (the next Doctor) is” instead of the correct “I know who IT is” (that has been cast as the next Doctor).  So, that’s my screwup (based on my belief that the BBC will go male AGAIN, due to their hidebound stodginess), and I apologize.  My hope is that I’ll be proven wrong about the BBC (and to be fair, I’m OFTEN WRONG) and can happily proclaim as much in the future.

Please have a listen!

Empress of Mars Podcast

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We have new theme music!  It’s a track called “Ecstasy” from Purple Planet:



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