MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast has awakened from its offseason slumber to discuss the Steven Moffat Era of DOCTOR WHO!  We talk all things Moffat – what we think of when we think of his stories; what’s his legacy likely to be; and just exactly where does he stand all time in the Doctor Who Pantheon (Panopticon?).  He’s the most prolific writer in Doctor Who history, and we’ll discuss whether we rate him at the very top, or just near it.

We’ll also touch briefly on the leaking of footage of Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor (that’s early on, and we stay un-spoilery), the naming of Segun Akinola as the new Composer, and the airing of classic Doctor Who episodes on Twitch.

We hope you enjoy it!  And THANK YOU, STEVEN MOFFAT!

Steven Moffat Era Podcast

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