MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast travels to Norway (not literally) to talk about “It Takes You Away” (written by Ed Hime, Directed by Jamie Childs), the 9th episode of Series 11 (37) of DOCTOR WHO.  It’s perhaps my least favorite episode of the season (along with “Kerblam!”), and while John liked it more, he still had some issues with various story elements.  We’ll dive into all of those, as well as talking about things that did work or interesting ideas that were presented.  We’ll also discuss my feelings of fatigue and frustration as the series has progressed and as we move towards the last episode of this run.

Of course, there’s also trivia, including a classic Who question that I’m ashamed to say I totally choked on.  So there’s that to look forward to!  Please have a listen!  Thanks!

It Takes You Away Podcast

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