Happy New Year from MUTTER’S SPIRAL Podcast!  And there’s no better way to start 2019 than with a smashing new Doctor Who episode – “Resolution” (written by Chris Chibnall & directed by Wayne Yip)!  John and I talk all about this reintroduction of the Doctor’s oldest and most deadly (and famous) foes (or a singular foe, in this case).  We will go in depth on this story as well as discussing where the show is now that we are one full year into the Chibnall/Jodie era (and as we head into a LONG break between stories).  We’ll talk about the Ryan/Aaron resolution (see what we did there) as well as talking about all of the various “Chekhov’s ______” from this episode (Kate Stewart, where are you?).  Plus, there’s trivia and even some New Year’s Resolutions!  Please have a listen!

Resolution Podcast

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